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If you wish to particpate in our Blog site you are more than welcome. You can add a comment to existing Blog or add a new blog by making your submission via our form below.


This site is an informed site and not a democracy. However, we welcome some constructive and controversial matters which you wish to raise in regard to legal practice or issues.


In submitting your Blog or Comment our Administrator has the absolute right to amend any entry in the interest of:


1. good taste;

2. legal protection (eg defamation or other matter which may offend at law);

3. Obvious innacuracy.

4. Any other reason deemed appropriate by the Administrator.


In respect to 3. the Administrator may leave the innacuracy and make comment below your Atricle of Comment.


Your details were sent successfully.Our site Administrator will review the content of your post and if suitable it should be online soon please call 1300 557 819 to report any matter !

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